Fast, Efficient Roofing Insulation Install & Removal In Perth WA

Just read what some of our customers have had to say before you choose to use Perth Insulation ;

The team at Perth Insulation were able to remove the old loose insulation from our home in a fast and efficient manner and were able to fit in with the tight scheduling our ceiling fixer had placed on them. Once our ceilings were installed the team were prompt to install the new Johns Manville insulation material to the roof space so we were not without insulation in our home during the heat of summer. Thank you guys for the top service.

Peter from Rossmoyne

The guys at Perth Insulation Masters have made my home 10 times more comfortable to live in. It was a hot box before but since installing new R4 insulation things are so much cooler and have been able to sleep better at night time. The guys did a great job at installing though our tight man hole we have in our home and best of all were the most competitive when we had it quoted. Cheers.

Steve from Nedlands

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  1. Glennice & Douglas Jones, Bayswater says:

    The decision to remove old insulation and replace it can be daunting but we decided to try Perth Insulation to see if it was affordable. To our relief, the cost was very affordable even when using the highest rated insulation which would fit the various spaces in the roof.
    We booked a date and Perth Insulation were there on time and the old insulation was removed without any noise so no inconvenience to the neighbours in our small complex. The new insulation was installed with no fuss and, after advice from the installers we also had the ceilings refixed to avoid future problems in our nearly 30 year old home.
    The best thing has been the result of having this work done. Our heating and cooling costs have gone down considerably and the house is much more comfortable in between extremes of heat and cold so use our heating and cooling less.
    The job was done mid-December 2017 so we have had plenty of opportunity to assess the benefits. We have found it was very well doing and we will have greater comfort for years to come.
    Thanks Perth Insulation.

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