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Pink Batts Perth

Manufactured by Fletcher Insulation, Pink Batts remain on of the most well-known insulation batts. Pink batt insulation, like Bradford Gold and Earthwool are manufactured from recycled glass. These glasswool fibres means that the insulation is non-combustible, low allergen and will perform for many years.

Pink Batts Save Stress & Energy

It’s no secret that sudden rises or falls in temperature correlate with people’s mood. It makes sense that by stabilising the internal temperature, mood is improved. Fletchers Pink Batts can reduce heat transfer up to 40%. This means in the Summer than head can be reduced up to 12 degrees. In the Winter, less heat is lost, keeping you cosy and warm.

Pink batt insulation acts as a barrier or blanket for your home. By installing Pink Batts with Perth Insulation, your home is protected from external temperature changes. A well-insulated home provides year round comfort, cutting cooling and heating bills up to 50%.

Pink Batts Insulation Installation

Perth Insulation specialise in the installation of Pink Batts insulation, Earthwool insulation and Bradford Gold batts. All our insulation is installed via the roof. By removing some tiles or a sheet of Colorbond, we can access the roof cavity. It’s important that old insulation is removed prior to installing new pink batts. All our insulation installation comes with a 5-year warranty on works. This is completed by qualified insulation installers.

Pink Batt Benefits

Increases thermal performance of your home

Reduces reliance on artificial heating & cooling, saving you money on bills

Pink batt insulation is manufactured to be soft to touch compared to other insulation materials

Bio-soluble construction


Certified to meet Australian standards

Made from recycled materials

Australian made

Lifetime warranty backing

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