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At Perth Insulation, we tailor our insulation solution to suit your home renovations. This ensures you don’t get “sold products”. A solution that will provide you year round comfort and save on your energy bills.


Perth Insulation only recommends using Australian made products. Support local businesses and have peace of mind with a lifetime warranty. 


Perth Insulation have been creating home comfort for Perth home owners since 1982. With public liability and workers’ compensation, we only use our own trained staff.

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At Perth Insulation, we don’t just improve houses – we create homes. A home to reduce heat loss in the cold of winter, whilst providing keeping you cool in the summer. All this whilst making your home more sustainable by saving on your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. It’s not just a house; it’s a place to call home.

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A few things Perth Insulation are great at

At Perth Insulation, we like to call ourselves experts in what we do.


Without sufficient ceiling, wall and floor insulation, your home could be leaking up to 80% of your heating and cooling. We provide not just the “minimum standards” of insulation, but new insulation products and solutions tailored to your home and the Perth climate. We recommend installing the Bradford Gold type of insulation for ceilings and underfloor. This is  Australian made, comes with a 70 year warranty and is the only product Asthma Council Approved. For your double brick cavity, we are Authorised Installers of InsulGuard Cavity Shield.


Old insulation is often toxic, as well as inneffective in keeping your home comfortable. Chemicals such as boric acid, lead, formaldehyde and asbestos are often lurking in your old insulation. These chemicals can cause respiratory problems for you and your family. At Perth Insulation, our full time removal service specialise in the safe, efficient removal of this old insulation and offer a cavity cleaning service to remove any traces of rodents, dust and debris. All works are completed via the exterior of your home, meaning there is no risk or inconvenience to your family.


Ceiling insulation older than 10 years old does not meet the minimum R4 requirements as per the Building Code of Australia for Perth. Whilst some old insulation needs to be removed as it is toxic, often we can provide a ceiling insulation “top up” service to bring your insulation up the standards required. This means you not only get an upgrade on your insulation providing you comfort, but it also saves you money on your energy bills.


Whirlybird ventilation is crucial to any home. Like taking the lid of a boiling pot of water, whirlybirds allow hot air to escape your roof space so that this heat doesn’t radiate downwards into your home. In winter, the whirlybirds extract moisture build up in your roof, helping to prevent moisture build up leading to mold and mildew. At Perth Insulation, we supply and install a variety of mechanical, wind-driven whirlybirds as well as solar and electic ventilators.


Some sneaky pics of the Perth Insulation team doing what we do best!


Clarkson, WA

Purchased by the owners in January 2018, this First Home Buyers’ 2007 home remained untouched from the original build. Using NatHERS energy rating system to determine the energy efficiency of the home, we assessed the home as a 5 star home (out of a maximum 10 stars). What do the stars mean? A six star rating indicates good, but not outstanding, thermal performance. Occupants of a 10 star rated home are unlikely to need any artificial cooling or heating . What star rating did we achieve? With the home improvements listed below, we achieved a 2 star increase in energy efficiency.

Learn more about NATHERS Energy Assessments

Old, rodent-infested R2.5 batts that we’re deteriorating were removed. The roof cavity was vacuumed, including a disinefectant spray and laying of baits.


New Bradford Gold R6 batts were installed over all ceiling areas. These are above and beyond the minimum R4.1 standard recommended for new homes.


With no existing cavity wall insulation, InsulGuard Cavity Shield was installed in all external double brick walls. This improved the thermal performance of the cavity wall from an R0.4 to an R2 thermal rating.


Being a tin roof with no air flow, we installed 2x CSR Edmonds Windmaster whirlybirds to ventilate the 155m2 of roof space efficiently. This will prevent heat and moisture being trapped in the roof cavity.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The team at Perth Insulation were able to remove the old loose insulation from our home in a fast and efficient manner and were able to fit in with the tight scheduling our ceiling fixer had placed on them. Once our ceilings were installed the team were prompt to install the new Bradford Gold insulation material to the roof space so we were not without insulation in our home during the heat of summer. Thank you guys for the top service.

Peter Simons

Rossmoyne, WA

The guys at Perth Insulation have made my home 10 times more comfortable to live in. It was a hot box before but since installing new R4 insulation things are so much cooler and have been able to sleep better at night time. The guys did a great job at installing though our tight man hole we have in our home and best of all were the most competitive insulation cost when we had it quoted. Cheers.

Steve Nash

Nedlands, WA

Efficient and prompt removal of insulation and a surprising amount of dirt and leaves from roof space. We then got them back after some ceiling repairs (which we’re apparently caused by the old insulation) and they installed some Bradford Gold High Performance insulation. They cleaned up after themselves and I would definitely recommend this company.

Barbara Cooke

Woodvale, WA

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