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Earthwool Insulation Perth

Earthwool are one of the leading providers of ceiling and wall insulation. Available in a range of R values, Earthwool insulation reduces your heating and cooling needs, giving you year round comfort. This means that you not only have more comfort but save on your energy bills.

Similar to Bradford Gold and Fletchers Pink Batts, Earthwool insulation is made using recycled glass. Made by Knauff, Earthwool features no added formaldehyde. This makes it not just high quality insulation, but healthy insulation also.

Knauff Earthwool insulation is available in a range of R-Values from R2.5 through to R6 batts. The minimum new homes in Perth and WA required is R4 as per the building code. I’m comes in pre-cut widths of 430mm or 600mm. This makes it perfectly designed for Perth homes as these are the most common joist measurements.

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Earthwool Insulation Benefits


Soft to Touch

The organic binder and recycled glass material give Earthwool insulation a soft touch, making it great to install.


Fire Safe

Earthwool insulation is non-combustible. This means that it will not catch fire or contribute to the spread of a fire.


50 Year Warranty

Knauff Earthwool is high quality and extremely durable. That’s why Knauff give a 50-year warranty on all their Earthool ceiling insulation range.


Made from Recycled Products

Made from recycled glass, Earthool is a sustainable insulation product and environmentally responsible.


ECOSE Technology

The Knauff Earthwool insulation patented ECOSE Technology is the binder that holds the glass fibres together. This technology utilised organic based materials instead of traditional petro-based binders.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

According to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) regulations, Earthwool has been certified as an outstanding insulation material. This means you have peace of mind knowing that your insulation choice is a healthy one.

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