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Fast, Efficient Roofing Insulation Install & Removal In Perth WA

Whilst your roof insulation is the first line of defence for heat transfer in your home, the other major “to do” is cavity wall insulation. At Perth Insulation, we have your cavity wall insulation needs covered using InsulGuard Cavity Shield and InsulGuard Sound Shield. These innovative, Australian made wall insulation products can reduce your heat transfer up to 25% - saving you money every month on artificial heating and cooling. Check out below to find out the benefits, about the product and installation and the approximate costs for your home.

cavity wall insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Most homes in Perth and Western Australia are double brick in construction. This means they contain an outer skin of brickwork, a 50mm – 70mm gap and then an internal skin of brickwork. The reason for this construction is to prevent moisture transferring from the outside of the brickwork into the home. Hence, this is why there are two skins separated by an air barrier.

Unfortunately for the home owner, this does little to prevent heat transfer, especially when you think how much brickwork you have in your home!

Uninsulated, heat transfers easily across the air gap year round. In winter, heat from the internal brickwork as you look to keep your house warm. In the summer, this is opposite as the outside brickwork gets hot and easily enters the home across the air gap. This uninsulated cavity wall is rated at an R0.4 rating; which offers very little protection from the extreme Perth temperatures and harsh Australian climate. When insulated correctly, this R0.4 rating climbs to R1.6 – R1.9; which is an increase of up to 375%.

Choosing Cavity Wall Insulation

When you look at Cavity wall insulation, there is a few different factors to consider. These include the type of product, thermal performance, how it’s installed and its moisture dissipation. We’ve done up the following comparisons on our two products so you can compare. We partner with InsulGuard Insulation for all our cavity wall insulation products.

InsulGuard Cavity Shield InsulGuard Sound Shield
Purpose Cavity wall insulation designed for double brick homes Acoustically-designed cavity wall insulation designed for double brick and timber frame homes
Material Expanded polystyrene coated with graphite Rockwool (molten rock) spun into fibres
Thermal Performance Creates a R1.9 rated double brick cavity Creates a R1.6 rated double brick cavity
Acoustic Performance Average Good
Fire Rating Non-combustable Non-combustable
Water Resistance Polystyrene is water resistant.
Due to the spherical nature of the bead, water falls through the cavity as per the double brick cavities original intention.
Rockwool is water resistant.
However, due to the millions of fibres, water can become trapped in between the layers.
Installation Method Non-invasive. Installed from the top of the cavity by pumping in under pressure. Installed via drilling into the wall every 1.2 - 1.5m and pumping in under pressure.
Approval Australian Approved Australian Approved