Ceiling Insulation Perth

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Ceiling Insulation Perth

Ceiling insulation in Perth, Melbourne and other cities in Australia is now mandatory by law as part of the government’s green initiative under the Building Code of Australia. This means that all new residential dwellings must have some form of ceiling insulation to combat excess consumption of energy on heating and cooling. Ceiling insulation not only saves you energy costs, they also make the room more comfortable during hot and cold seasons. Properly installed ceiling insulation resists heat flow that keeps the rooms warm during winter and cool during summer seasons.

Different Varieties of Ceiling Insulation Perth Customers Should consider

There are two main types of Ceiling insulation material.

• Reflective ceiling insulation material is normally used in warmer areas to insulate the ceilings and roofs. It is composed of reflective foil that reflects heat from the outside during hot months and traps warm air from the inside during cold months.

• In contrast, bulk insulation material traps pockets of air and serves as a barrier in preventing cold and hot air from permeating or escaping from the roof. It is mostly used in colder areas with long winter months.

Some of the most popular reflective and bulk form ceiling insulation materials include the following;

• Fiberglass (Glass wool) is the most popular ceiling insulation material to insulate the roof area. It is made from a highly spun fibre of glass that resembles fair floss. Glasswool ceiling insulation and has been used to insulate houses for over 40 years.

• Natural Sheep Wool is an effective ceiling insulation material as it possesses efficient insulation properties however is very expensive.

• Another popular ceiling insulation material is Polyester. It does not irritate the skin on contact and is easy to install and fix.

• Rockwool (Stone wool) is also used to insulate the house. It is made of volcanic rock and provides excellent insulation properties. Moreover, the insulation material possesses especial thermal properties and is highly resistant to fire so is used around chimneys, and high temperature heat sources.

Cost of Installing Ceiling Insulation in Perth

You can expect to pay around $85 for 60m X 1200mm (72m2) roll of a standard reflective foil insulation material. A reflective foil with additional “air cell” barrier normally cost as much as $350 for 22.5m X 1350mm roll (30m2) but will not offer the R rating that other bulk insulation can provide.

Glass wool batts without foil backing can cost around $65 for a 9m2 pack. Polyester and Sheep wool batts, on the other hand, are 50% more expensive than glass wool batts. The price of insulation batts increases with the R-value (thermal rating or thickness) of the batts. Insulation batts with higher R-value cost more than lower value ceiling insulation batts. They also provide better insulation than lower R-value insulation batts. Installing ceiling insulation through a professional firm is recommended as it saves you time, effort, and risk of installing the insulation material. Ceiling Insulation Perth can help you with your insulation needs, for a free quote for ceiling insulation in Perth contact us today.

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